Smart Save for Minors

Benefits of Smart Save for Minors:

- Record all your transactions with a Savings book

- A minimum of R10 is required to open the Smart Save Minor account

- No monthly management of service fees

- Open to all minors under 16 years of age

- Keep your money safe

- Withdraw from any Post Office branch nationally

- Save what you want when you want

Make it work for you

Smart Save Minor is a Savings account designed for scholars and children under 16 years. This is an ideal, safe and easy way to start saving for your child’s future.

The Smart Save Minor account works best if you have some money you want to put away safely but know the child will need access to it in the near future. Be Smart and Save.

How to apply

You can apply at your nearest Post Office. All you need is your Birth Certificate, Parent/Guardian's ID and if you are a minor one of your Parents/Guardian must accompany you. Parents/Guardian may also need to provide proof of residential address in order to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Fica).

Smart Save for Minors

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