Mzansi Fees and Interest

Fees with effect from 10 May 2023:

Account opening fee


Minimum opening deposit

R 40.00

Minimum account balance

R 40.00

Deposits (cash)

R 2.87 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 2.87 per R100.00 or part thereof above R100.01

Withdrawals (cash) Branch

R 10.00 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 2.00 per R100.00 or part thereof above R100.01

Close-out Withdrawal

R 17.80

Repayment of Unclaimed Funds

R 72.35

Monthly service/ledger fee

R 3.00

Replacement: Debit Card

R 77.90

Full statement up to 3 months (Branch or mailed on request)

R 20.00

Full statement 4 months and older (Mailed on request)

R 40.00

Mini statement and balance enquiries (Branch)


Account Dormancy fee

R 26.25

Point of sale purchase


Cash back only

R 3.50

Purchase and Cash back

R 2.31

Declined purchase - Any customer related reason

R 4.50

Saswitch Fees


Cash withdrawal: ATM

R 8.70 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 1.90 per R100.00 and above

Balance enquiry: ATM

R 4.30

Rejected transactions: ATM

R 4.50

Rejected transactions: Card swallowed (ATM)

R 2.00

Cell phone Balance enquiry

No banking fee. R1.00 will be charged by your mobile service provider for the cost of the SMS


Mzansi Saswitch fees are only applicable if the ATM's of the major banks are used: that is ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard bank and Capitec. If any other bank ATM is used, Flexi Card Saswitch fees will be levied.

Interest with effect from 26 May 2023:


Amount in Rand

Interest Rate (%)

0 - 5000 +



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