Flexi Debit Card Fees and Interest

Fees with effect from 10 May 2023:

Account opening fee


Minimum opening deposit

R 40.00

Minimum account balance

R 40.00

Deposits (cash)

R 2.87 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 2.87 per R100.00 or part thereof above R100.01

Withdrawal (cash) Branch

R10.00 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 2.00 per R100.00 or part thereof above R100.01

Close-out Withdrawal

R 17.80

Repayment of Unclaimed Funds

R 72.35

Monthly service/ledger fee

R 14.00

Replacement: Debit Card

R 77.90

Full statement up to 3 months (Branch or mailed on request)

R 20.00

Full statement 4 months and older (Mailed on request)

R 40.00

Mini statement and balance enquiries (Branch)


Account dormancy fee

R 26.25

Point of Sale Purchase


Cash back only

R 3.50

Purchase and cashback

R 2.31

Declined purchase - Any customer related reason

R 4.50

Saswitch Fees


Cash withdrawal: ATM

R 8.70 up to R100.00, thereafter an additional R 1.80 per R100.00 and above

Balance enquiry: ATM

R 4.30

Rejected transactions: ATM

R 4.50

Rejected transactions card swallowed ATM

R 2.00

Cell phone balance enquiry

No banking fee. R1.00 will be charged by your mobile service provider for the cost of the SMS

Interest with effect from 26 May 2023:


Amount in Rand

Interest Rate (%)

0 - 50 000 +



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